Fufu (slang)

Type: phrase, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /fu-fu/

Also spelled or known as: Foofoo, Fu fu, Fu-fu

Related: Fu

What does Fufu mean?

Fake or of really bad quality.

Example sentence: That gucci bag is fufu.”

Fufu in songs:

Fufu nigga sip on nothing but ‘Tussin I’m pouring the Quali’, I’m throwed with my youngins” – Ohgeesy, Musty.

“You know, I just gotta separate myself man…from all this fufu shit It’s a lot of fufu shit going on round here, kid. You hear me?” – L’A Capone, Separate Myself/Intro.

“It’s funny how you got these lilfufu, four plaque, lil’ ju-ju niggas talkin’ Zulu” – Tory Lanez, Sorry But I Had To….

“Popeye just opened the can I don’t fuck with no fufu that’s not on my brand” – G-Eazy, The Plan.

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