Tussel (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /tus-ul/

What does Tussel mean?

To fight.

Tussel Synonyms: Throw hands, Fade, Scrap, Square up, Box, Knuckle up

Example sentence: “There was a tussel down at the shop today, over some broad.”

Tussel in songs:

“We don’t fight or tussle, we just grab them straps and bust ’em” – Money Man, How It Feel.

“Got the blickies on us, then it wouldn’t be a tussle” – Chief Keef, I Don’t Know You.

“Nigga talking bout a tussle but that iron bout to flush ’em” – Kevin Gates, Roaming Around.

“Cause you could lose it in a tussle nigga watch me hustle” – MC Ren, Hello.

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