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Throwin’ hands

Throwin’ hands (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /throw-in-hands/

Also spelled or known as: Throwing hands, Throwing-hands

Related: Throw hands, Throwing hands

What does Throwin’ hands mean?

To be fighting.

Throwin’ hands Synonyms: Tusslin’, Scrappin’, Squarin’ up, Beefin’, Boxin’, Scufflin’

Throwin’ hands example sentence: “Why were yall throwin’ hands in the cafeteria?”

Throwin’ hands in songs:

“Trust that man without no doubt I’m in that bitch, I’m throwin’ hands with the crowd” – King Von, Jet.

“Just fucked this chocolate bitch and did my dance (Oh) Niggas throwing subs, I’m throwin’ hands (I’m throwin’ hands, bitch)” – Tory Lanez, No Service.

“Prince up in that double cup, I been sippin’ purple rain, huh I be throwin’ hands and throwin’ bands, never throwin’ shade, ayy” – Juice WRLD, Outta Pocket.

“Playin’ poker no cards, throwin’ hands exposin’ Rest in peace Soulja Slim, slow motion” – Kevin Gates, Time for That.

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Throwin' hands
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Throwin' hands