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Pink slip

Pink slip (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pink-slip/

Also spelled or known as: Pink-slip

Plural: Pink slips

What does Pink slip mean?

The certificate of ownership to a vehicle.

Example sentence: “The G-Wagon came with a pink slip.”

Pink slip in songs:

“I never took notes, nigga, I need the pink slip Hit Icey, macking up for my bullshit” – TeeCee4800, Meet the Flockers.

I got the pink slip, all my whips is key-less Compton, I’m about to get the key to the city Patek like the sea, forgive me” – Roddy Ricch, The Box.

Pink slip in the glove for the ownership (21) Limpin’ with the .30 on like a broke hip (21)” – 21 Savage, Circo Loco.

Bad Mona Lisa (Bad), slide with my people Pink slip for the ride, but what’s in the trunk, it’s illegal” – Quavo, What the Price.

“Put six figures in your business, I do real shit I drop cash at the dealership, they’ll mail you a pink slip” – Lil Baby, On Me.

“Got a airtight schedule, fuck your bitch, just met her Pink slip, no rental, got a L full of that killer” – Swae Lee, No Flex Zone.

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Pink slip
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Pink slip