Double cup

Double cup (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dub-ool-cup/

What does Double cup mean?

A narcotic drink mixed with candy, soda and promethazine and codeine drank out of 2 cups stacked on top of one other.

Double cup Synonyms: Lean

Double cup in songs:

Double cup full, I be sippin’ up, Mob niggas, man, real criminals” – Juicy J, The Style.

“Take a sip out the double cup, can’t tell me nothin'” – Lil Skies,

“Where my double cup? Time to pour it up, Got a bitch so bad you can’t afford to fuck, bounce it” – Juicy J, Bounce It.

“I just been married to double cup” – Roddy Ricch, Every Season.

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Double cup
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Double cup