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Throw hands

Throw hands (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /throw-hands/

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What does Throw hands mean?

To fight.

Throw hands Synonyms: Fade, Scrap, Square up, Box, Tussel

Example sentence: “If you keep touching my neck we gonna throw hands.”

Throw hands in songs:

“But I still I feel I won’t be satisfied until we throw hands” – J. Cole,

Boy, I’ma blam, that’s what you don’t understand, no, we ain’t finna throw hands” – Lil Tjay, Go In.

Blunt rollin’, gun totin’ niggas, we don’t throw hands” – Lud Foe, Eww.

“Never throw hands over no ho” – Robb Bank$, Scrub The Ground (Interlude).

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Throw hands
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Throw hands