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Squarin’ up

Squarin’ up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skware-in-up/

Also spelled or known as: Squaring up

Related: Square up, Squared up

What does Squarin’ up mean?

To be fighting or getting ready to fight.

Squarin’ up Synonyms: Squabbling, Stepping, Brawling, Scrapping, Beefing

Example sentence: “Why were yall squarin’ up again? It kinda didn’t make sense.”

Squarin’ up in songs:

“I did what I said I would, I got my mom right I be squarin’ up on doubt like it’s on sight” – Russ, 2006.

“I took a year out And I came back like ‘What, fam?’ Any MC squarin’ up, I’ll box man” – P Money, Lyrics.

“Please don’t talk to me im sippin’ easter pink (Easter pink) I ain’t squarin’ up I’ma let that heater speak” – Summrs, Toxicity.

“Tay Roc, you think you scarin’ us talkin’ ’bout squarin’ up? Okay, fair enough” – Danny Myers, Tay Roc vs. Danny Myers.

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Squarin' up
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Squarin' up