Eww (slang)

Type: exclamation, slang

Pronunciation: /eww/

What does Eww mean?

An expression for disgust.

Eww Synonyms: Ick

Example sentence:Eww, i hope you didn’t think i was going to eat at this restaurant.”

Eww in songs:

“Back it up on me, I make her squirt on the couch, eww” – Young Thug, You Said.

“And the sex gave me flashbacks when I was like eww” – Nas, Remember the Times.

“Y’all niggas say that shit is gross, that shit is nasty, eww get away boy, I’m good” – Tyler, The Creator, My Ego.

Eww, nasty nigga, stay with the raps” – Tyga, Trap Pussy.

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