Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits (slang)

Type: noun, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /fr-ends-wit-ben-ne-fits/

Also known as: FWB

What does Friends with Benefits mean?

Two friends in a sexual relationship without emotions.

Friends with Benefits Synonyms: FWB, Nutty Buddy

Example sentence: “I started seeing my friends with benefits buddy again.”

Friends with Benefits in songs:

“I’d rather stay friends with benefits ’til we ready” – Tyga, Still Got It.

“4-0-1 K, we could be friends with benefits, you dig that?” – Kendrick Lamar, She Needs Me (Remix)

“If you see a ho walkin’ with me, we friends with benefits” – DRAM, About U.

Wanna be in to kiss, never to finish it, What happened to close friends with benefits?” – Tech N9ne, Love 2 Dislike Me.

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Friends with Benefits
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Friends with Benefits

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