Square up


Square up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /square-up/

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What does Square up mean?

To fight or get ready to fight.

Square up Synonyms: Knuckle up, Throw hands, Fade, Scrap, Box, Tussel

Example sentence: “If you keep talking crazy we gonsquare up and ima run my fade.”

Square up in songs:

“Listen, my freedom on the line, I’ma square up and cap” – T.I., Looking Back.

“We had to square up and squabble, swing ’em and chunk ’em” – E-40, Made This Way.

Square up, bow down to the kings of the hall” – Q-Tip, Thank You.

“I hit the pussy like square up” – IDK, Square up.

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Square up
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