Squabble (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skwab-ull/

Related: Squab, Squabbling, Squabblin’, Squabble up

What does Squabble mean?

To fight.

Squabble Synonyms: Squabble up, Squab, Step, Brawl, Scrap, Beef

Example sentence: “Do you have a problem? Do you want to squabble?”

Squabble in songs:

“’96 Impala, thug life on wheels Up against the walls, squabble at Fox Hills” – Nipsey Hussle, Grinding All My Life.

Ain’t none of these scary-ass bitches gonsquabble with me You can’t school me on the streets, you was never in ’em” – Stunna Girl, Runway.

“Had to squabble and take a few fades Stay rock solid, you’ll get through the phase” – Gunna, What Happened To Virgil.

“I grab that TEC, I grab that 40 and the F&N Then we pulled up ready to squabble, yeah we waited on ’em” – Young Thug, Hercules.

“Oh, yeah? Puto want to squabble with mi barrio? Oh, yeah? Tell ’em they can run it for the cardio” – Kendrick Lamar, Hood Politics.

“He’d be in for a squabble, no doubt So I swung and hit the nigga in his mouth” – Bushwick Bill, Mind Playing Tricks on Me.

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