Southpole (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /south-pohl/

Also known or spelled as: South Pole, South-Pole

What does Southpole mean?

An urban clothing brand.

Similar to Southpole: FUBU, Tru Religion, Kani

Example sentence: “She told me I was dripping in Southpole.”

Southpole in songs:

“On my North Pole shit While you on your rockinSouthpole when it’s cold shit” – Fabolous, All the Way Turnt Up.

“I was killing them with Southpole up on my pockets But now killing it is a dedication” – Ritchie With A T, Wow.

“Used to rock Southpole, summers taking the 6 bus to South Shore” – Chance the Rapper, Do You Remember.

“Y’all be snortin’ on the trout bro In the streets shootin’ coke And still rockinSouthpole Y’all ain’t been about it” – Scales, SUS.

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