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Skateboard P

Skateboard P (slang)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /skate-bord-p/

What does Skateboard P mean?

Pharrell’s nickname.

Other Pharrell Nicknames: P. Willy

Pharrell’s Full Name: Pharrell Lanscilo Williams

Example sentence: “I had the Icecream on like Skateboard P.”

Skateboard P in songs:

“Brand new foreign car bought with my advance Thinking you can see us, take another glance I wear PP with Buscemi, treat that shit like Vans My nigga Ralfy kickin’ shit, board in his hands Skateboard P with the grams” – 03 Greedo, Out the Slums.

Yeah goin’ ape like Nigo Move out the way, please don’t be a hero Bling-blaow, oh, chains on Skateboard P Bling-blaow, oh, chains on Skateboard P” – MadeinTYO, Skateboard P.

“Matter-fact, you should take four, B And think before you fuck with-a lilSkateboard P” – Pharrell Williams, Drop It Like It’s Hot.

“Me, I try to leave the best for later But Pusha tried to put me on the respirator The old Skateboard P, that’s your favorite Me and twenty girls doin’ yoga naked” – Pharrell Williams, Move That Dope.

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Skateboard P
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Skateboard P

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