Rolling up

Rolling up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /roll-in-up/

Also known or spelled as: Rollinup, Rolling-up

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What does Rolling up mean?

1. To be rolling a joint or blunt.

2. To be arriving somewhere.

Rolling up Synonyms: Pulled up

Example sentence: “My broski got gas, he is always rolling up.”

Rolling up in songs:

Gas rolling up in the blunt, Amoco” – Future, Where Ya At.

Pre-roll shorty light it up, you know you fine, Lil 5 with my 5 and I’m rolling up the gas” – MadeinTYO, Uber Everywhere.

“Throwing up their side, rolling up that leaf” – Wiz Khalifa, Medicated.

Yo, they call me Nas, I’m not your legal type of fella, Moët drinking, marijuana smoking street dweller, Who’s always on the corner, rolling up blessed” – Nas, Represent.

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Rolling up
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Rolling up