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Pre-roll (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pre-roll/

Also spelled: Pre roll

Plural: Pre-rolls

What does Pre-roll mean?

A marijuana cigarette that is already rolled.

Pre-roll Synonyms: J, Joint, Spliff

Example sentence: “We had a pre-roll for the trip.”

Pre-roll in songs:

“Burnin’ on pre-roll, finna go to Pluto, Drippin’ real hard when I’m hoppin’ out two-door” – Money Man, 24 (Remix).

“No clean cup, styrofoam double up pre-roll, we on this Merlot” – Smino, MERLOT.

OG weed smoke, never no street roll, We smoke the number one kush in a pre-roll” – Buddy, A Lite.

“You don’t smoke on no gas lil bitch, you burnin’ on a pre-roll” – D Savage, Gelato.

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