Rollin up

Rollin’ up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /roll-in-up/

Also known or spelled as: Rolling up, Rolling-up

Related: Roll up, Rolled up

What does Rollinup mean?

1. To be rolling a joint or blunt.

2. To be arriving somewhere.

Rollinup Synonyms: Pulled up

Example sentence: “Wiz Khalifa was rollinup for us.”

Rollinup in songs:

“Eyes chink, rollinup that dank, blowin’ on that stank” – A$AP Rocky, Goldie.

“In the middle of the party, bitch, get off me, In the cut, I’m rollinup my broccoli” – D.R.A.M., Broccoli.

“Got me some gas, rollinup some, Pfft, pfft, cash, yeah, I got me some” – Lil Mosey,

“And every time we with Chris, that fool rollinup a fatty, but the Tanqueray straight had me” – Numskull, I Got 5 on It.

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Rollin up
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Rollin up