Cursing (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /kerrs-in/

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What does Cursing mean?

To be yelling bad words or swearing at someone.

Cursing Synonyms: Dissing

Example sentence: “Before the fight began, i hear cursing.”

Cursing in songs:

“Your mom won’t play it in the car ’cause it got cursing in it” -Childish Gambino, Favorite Song.

Fed up with it, I’m hanging it up, fuck it, Excuse the cursing, baby, but just know, That I’m a good person, though they portray me as cold” – Eminem, Castle.

Bitch, merch twerk as I get on the verse cursing” – Domo Genesis, Rusty.

Mama cursing me out, Depression’s such a villainous state” – J. Cole, Once an Addict (Interlude).

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