Ringing bells


Ringing bells (phrase)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /ring-in-bells/

Related: Ring a bell

What does Ringing bells mean?

To be sounding familiar.

Example sentence: “When i hear the intro it started ringing bells.”

Ringing bells in songs:

“You ringing bells with bags from Chanel, Baby Benz, traded in your Hyundai Excel” – The Notorious B.I.G., One More Chance / Stay With Me (Remix).

“Like ding dong ditch my name be ringing bells nigga” – Chief Keef, Stuntin’ Like My Mama.

Word around town, they ringing bells, All my niggas cracking, lock the shells” – A$AP ANT, Young Nigga Living.

“My name ringing bells cause I done took a lot of bricks” – Young Scooter, Ea$tside.

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Ringing bells
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