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Slandering (slang)

Type: adverb, slang

Pronunciation: /slan-der-in/

Related: Slander, Slandered

What does Slandering mean?

To be making a malicious or false statement about someone or something.

Slandering Synonyms: Defamation, Dissing

Example sentence: “The media is always slandering the good guys.”

Slandering in songs:

“People keep slandering, but I can’t respond, Because if I do, y’all call me crazy, sayin’ my focus is wrong” – Russ, Nobody Knows.

Slandering your name behind that screen name, They’re lame and their life is pretty plain” – Big Boi, Hollywood Divorce.

“I hear you haters slandering me, I just hand ’em to P” – Lil Wayne, Walk in.

Fuck the media, they slandering my name in the blogs” – Offset, Fall Back.

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