Rhyme scheme

Rhyme scheme (music)

Type: noun

Pronunciation: /rhym-skeme/

Plural: Rhyme schemes

Related: Rhyme, Rhymes, Rhymin’, Rhymmed, Rhymer, Complex rhymes

What does Rhyme scheme mean?

A pattern of rhyming words and lines on a song.

Rhyme scheme synonyms: Lines, Rhymes

Example sentence:The Bronx rapper had the best rhyme scheme.”

Rhyme scheme in songs:

“Pardon the rhyme scheme, I guess I’m long winded” – J. Cole, Cole Summer.

“Lightbulb on my head ’cause that was a hell of a rhyme scheme” – NLE Choppa, Jiggin.

“I backsmack em with they skateboard, flee the crime scene With a rhyme scheme to escape frauds” – Common, Coldblooded.

“Avenue crime scene locked in my rhyme scheme” – Elzhi, Da Villa.

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Rhyme scheme
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Rhyme scheme