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Jiggin (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /jig-in/

Also spelled: Jigging

Related: Jig

What does Jiggin mean?

1. To be dancing.

Jiggin Synonyms: Boppin’

2. To be under the influence of ecstasy.

Jiggin Synonyms: Booted, Rollin

Example sentence: “I was in the club jiggin’ to Kodak Black.”

Jiggin in songs:

“I be jiggin’ doing the Dej dance” – DeJ Loaf, We Be on It.

“They say Lil Choppa, he be jiggin’ in his riddim” – NLE Choppa, Depression.

“They tell me they like how I do my lil’ dance, I can’t really dance, I be jiggin’” – DaBaby, Walker Texas Ranger.

“I ain’t even been jiggin’, while they stickin’, we conversatin'” – Kodak Black, Down South.

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