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Rhyme schemes

Rhyme schemes (music)

Type: noun

Pronunciation: /rhym-skemes/

Singular: Rhyme scheme

Related: Rhyme, Rhymes, Rhymin’, Rhymmed, Rhymer, Complex rhymes

What does Rhyme schemes mean?

A pattern of rhyming words and lines on a song.

Rhyme schemes synonyms: Lines, Rhymes

Example sentence: “I was impressing her with my rhyme schemes.”

Rhyme schemes in songs:

“I can’t fade, this the only reason I was made To follow my dreams and manipulate these rhyme schemes” – Logic, War Vet.

“Back when I had nothing but ambition and a dream And a composition notebook full of rhyme schemes” – Chris Webby, Only Way To Go.

“Downtime spent working on my rhyme schemes Them alpines hit like a young Rocky” – Sir Michael Rocks, Rush Hour Traffic.

“Y’all rhyme schemes are escargot, mine’s a Newport Marlboro, Chicago next shops to Chiraq” – Royce Da 5’9, Mode II.

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Rhyme schemes
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Rhyme schemes