Rhymer (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /rhym-r/

Plural: Rhymers

Related: Rhymes, Rhymin’, Rhymmed, Rhyme scheme

What does Rhymer mean?

Someone who raps or creates rhymes.

Rhymer Synonyms: Rapper, Lyricist, Spitta, Hip-Hopper

Example sentence: “The rap game is filled with rhymers.”

Rhymer in songs:

“Go try to find another rhymer with my kind of grammar” – Big Pun, The Dream Shatterer.

I’m buzzin’, Dirty Dozen, naughty rotten rhymer” – Eminem, Just Don’t Give a Fuck.

“Extroardinary rhymer I bodied yo’ shit for nothin'” – Tyga, Dope.

“I was hopin’ they would see me just for me, dope rhymer” – Childish Gambino, My Shine.

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