Lurkin’ (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /lurrk-in/

Related: Lurk, Lurked, Lurking

What does Lurkinmean?

To be stalking someone or going through their social media pages.

Lurkin’ Synonyms: Creepin’, Stalkin’

Example sentence: “I saw your ex man lurkin’.”

Lurkin’ in songs:

Lurkin’ for the cash, searchin’ for the bag” – Que, OG Bobby Johnson.

“Somethin’ evil is lurkin’, I’m no conspiracy theorist” – Eminem, Kamikaze.

“She said she a virgin, She my biggest fan, she always lurkin’” – Lil Tjay, Mood Swings.

Pull up on yo girl, I’m lurkin’ like a cop” – Young Thug, Givenchy.

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