Putting in work

Putting in work (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /put-in-in-work/

Also spelled or known as: Puttin’ in work

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What does Putting in work mean?

1. To be giving something your all and doing your best.

Putting in work Synonyms: Hustling, Grinding

2. To be engaging in gang-related activities or something dangerous or illegal.

Example sentence: “I’ve been working hard, been putting in work.”

Putting in work in songs:

“We hit a five dollar stick, now we putting in work Unaccountable amounts of dirt, death becomes all niggas” – Kurupt, Serial Killa.

“Whether it’s money or some weed or putting in work Fuck it, then I’m riding” – ScHoolboy Q, Blessed.

“She know I be getting to the paper, I be putting in work Up the road, playing with the papers, yeah I got that work” – Kodak Black, Slayed.

“Since before rappers started wearing these skirts (Skirt!) And your girl say my dick like a nine-to-five So every day, I be putting in work, let’s go” – Ludacris, Errrbody (Remix).

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Putting in work
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Putting in work