Price on head

Price on head (phrase)

Type: phrase, idiom, slang

Pronunciation: /pryce-on-head/

Also known or spelled as: Price on his head

What does Price on head mean?

To offer a reward for the capture or murder of someone.

Price on head Synonyms: Head hunt

Example sentence: “The rapper was talking about putting a price on his head.

Price on head in songs:

“I put the wolves on ya, I put a price on your head” – Jay-Z, Threat.

“Put a price on my head won’t make me run” – J. Cole, Forbidden Fruit.

“Living life like a nigga put a price on my head” – Earl Sweatshirt, Azucar.

“I got a price on my head but there’s a risk in collecting” – Drake, Weston Road Flows.

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Price on head
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Price on head

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