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Holding down the fort

Holding down the fort (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /holding-down-the-fort/

Also spelled or known as: Holdin’ down the fort

Related: Holding the fort down, Hold the fort down, Hold down the fort

What does Holding down the fort mean?

1. To be taking care of and watching over your home or area while someone is gone.

2. To be representing where you’re from.

Holding down the fort Synonyms: Holding the fort down

Example sentence: “Thank you for holding down the fort.”

Holding down the fort in songs:

Holding down the fort while we keep shit tight Hit you with that bang shit that keep you live all night” – Busta Rhymes, It’s a Party.

I’m the El Chupacabra I’m holding down the fort, you toys have run your course” – KHARNICLASSIX, Magic.

So be a sport, another lesson drug Holding down the fort and a stupid-ass nigga got caught” – Kool G. Rap, You Must Be Out of Your Fuckin’ Mind.

Tryna stay busy i don’t wanna end up in court Making good music and I’m holding down the fort” – DamaniTheRapper, Hold Up.

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Holding down the fort
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Holding down the fort