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Player hate

Player hate (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /play-yer-hate/

Related: Player, Player haters, Playa haters, Player hating, Playa hating

What does Player hate mean?

To act jealous or speak out against a player.

Example sentence: “All these peons do is player hate.”

Player hate in songs:

Can’t play it straight, these niggas crooks They player hate, I’m on my shit” – Mick Jenkins, Carefree.

“Oh, did I tell you? How I knock jaws in the dirt I let a player hate in my face and then I hit em’ where it hurts” – Point Blank, My Mind Went Blank.

“Knowing while you was frontin’ we took steps to be great So as you move past the fake player hate” – Tory Ave, Doo Doo.

“Walk through the crowd, let the tramps hang Niggas player hate but do a damn thing” – 2Pac, Last Ones Left.

“You like to sprinkle salt and player hate My team can eat, I’ll share a plate” – G-Eazy, Been On.

“I’ma make your son a slave I’ma let him cut my grass I’ma let him feed my maid I’ma do it cause his daddy Always used to player hate” – Blac Youngsta, Tissue.

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Player hate
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Player hate