Nickel and Diming

Nickel and Diming (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /nick-ull-and-dime-in/

Also spelled or known as: Nickel and Dimin’

What does Nickel and Diming mean?

To be selling small quantities of drugs.

Nickel and Diming Synonyms: Dealing

Example sentence: “That boy was nickel and diming in New York.”

Nickel and Diming in songs:

Weed bags all in my jeans, yeah them hot pockets Nickel and diming, out here grinding, tryna make a profit” – Young M.A, Hood Love.

Nickel and diming when I trap the block Got 22 in my shooter, work in my crotch” – Skippa Da Flippa, Young Nigga.

Nickel and diming seems effortless Til the crown heavy cuz the nickel and diming breed replicas” – Skyzoo, Short Money.

Pull up, I’m bussin’ serves But you won’t find me nickel and diming, man I’m off the curb” – Big Scoob, Buss Serves.

“Started back when I was sixteen, penny nickel and diming By eighteen I climbed in, and got ten pounds off consignment” – Don Trip, Trap Shit.

“I got so tired of nickel and diming and seeing my mama crying So sick and tired of niggas that ain’t got nothing, want some of mine” – G Herbo, Tired.

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Nickel and Diming
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Nickel and Diming