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Player haters

Player haters (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /play-err-hate-ers/

Also spelled or known as: Player-haters, Playerhaters, Playa hater, Playa-hater

Singular: Player hater

Related: Player, Haters, Players

What does Player haters mean?

People who are jealous of a player or dislike a player and their ways.

Player haters Synonyms: Haters

Example sentence:I’m tired of these player haters hating on us.”

Player haters in songs:

Player haters play this in cell blocks and rocked stages Winking at some females cops with cocked gauges” – Nas, Watch Dem Niggas.

“In due time when crime flees my mind All sneak thieves and player haters can shine” – Jay-Z, Dead Presidents II.

So many player haters, imitators steady swangin’ Make me wanna start back bangin'” – Big Syke, Picture Me Rollin’.

“Remain strong in this planet full of player haters They conversate, but Death Row full of demonstrators” – 2Pac, Until the End of Time.

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Player haters
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Player haters