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Play ball

Play ball (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /play-ball/

Also spelled or known as: Playball, Play-ball

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What does Play ball mean?

1. To play basketball.

Play ball Synonyms: Ball, Ball up

2. To play baseball.

Example sentence: “The homies are tryna play ball.”

Play ball in songs:

In the field like baseball, play ball, face wall when polices come” – A$AP Rocky, Potato Salad.

“I like my women real tall, ayy Type that can really play ball, ayy” – Chance the Rapper, Mixtape.

“Never see Will attacking ’em Rather play ball with Shaq and ’em, flatten ’em” – Will Smith, Gettin’ Jiggy wit It.

“You’re a fuckin’ adult with no skills at all You don’t read any books or play ball” – Hopsin, Ill Mind of Hopsin 5.

“Sold you a dream and you got caught These hoes want rap niggas or a athlete that play ball” – Kevin Gates, In My Feelings.

Yeah, El Chapo J R R, multicolor A.R. rules Looking like I play ball, tell ’em keep they day jobs” – 2 Chainz, El Chapo Jr..

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Play ball
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Play ball