Payin’ homage

Payin’ homage (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pay-in-hom-age/

Also known or spelled as: Paying homage

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What does Payin’ homage mean?

To be showing respects or regards.

Payin’ homage Synonyms: Paying homage

Example sentence: “We were payin’ homage to Michael Jackson.”

Payin’ homage in songs:

“Couldn’t sign me if you niggas was payin’ homage Playin’ both sides, convicted you with verdict” – Rick Ross, Maybach Music VI.

“Y’all like to scream I appropriate culture, but I don’t hear nothin’, I’m payin’ homage” – Tom MacDonald, Politically Incorrect.

“I don’t pop shit, I speak knowledge, just call me a prophet And if you pay attention then you payin’ homage” – Young M.A, Sober Thoughts.

I’m being modest should be silent ‘less you payin’ homage Remain the hottest, niggas can’t stop us, that’s just being honest” – Snoop Dogg, One Shot One Kill.

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Payin' homage
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Payin' homage

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