Paid homage

Paid homage (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /payed-hawm-age/

Also spelled or known as: Paid-homage

Related: Pay homage, Homage, Paying homage, Payin’ homage

What does Paid homage mean?

To have showed respect, regards, or given credit to someone or something.

Paid homage Synonyms: Applauded, Admired

Example sentence: “We paid homage to the OG the other day.”

Paid homage in songs:

“All these niggas takin’ swag, hell yeah the homie mad Come to think about it they ain’t never paid homage” – Rich Homie Quan, 4rm Me To U.

“Real gangstas make hood holidays They ain’t thank us but we still paid homage mang” – Beanie Sigel, What We Do.

“That ain’t even considered a safe option And that just ain’t Hopsin, I paid homage, now I’m straight wilin'” – Hopsin, The Fiends Are Knocking.

“Every knee bowed and every tongue confessed and paid homage” – Jay Electronica, Jesus Lord.

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Paid homage
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Paid homage