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OZ (slang)

Type: abbreviation, slang

Pronunciation: /O-Z/

Also spelled or known as: O.Z.

Related: O, Onion

What does OZ mean and stand for?

An ounce or ounces.

Example sentence: “I had 5 OZ of bud in the whip.”

OZ in songs:

“Started off with a OZ, end up riding fo’ deep” – 2 Chainz, Dope Peddler.

OG by the OZ, and I still owe the weed man down the street” – Ab-Soul, D.R.U.G.S..

“Before I had a goatee, I used to bag the OZ” – The Game, 400 Bars (The Skeemix).

OZ of reggie bagged up in the Pelle” – Danny Brown, Tell Me What I Don’t Know.

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