On froze

On froze (phrase)

Type: adjective, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /on-froze/

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What does On froze mean?

To be covered with lots of diamonds.

On froze Synonyms: Frosty, Cold, Froze

Example sentences: “My neck is on froze, i love it.”

On froze in songs:

“Couple thousand on my wrist and my neck is on froze” – Lil Pump, Designer.

“Now my diamonds on froze, now I’m fuckin’ niggas’ hoes” – PnB Rock, Everyday We Lit.

‘Cause my ‘Rari knows how to ride, when it goes down And my watch on froze, watch it glow, when the lights out” – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Horses.

“I got my left wrist on froze I got my right wrist on froze” – Lil Baby, Freestyle.

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On froze
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On froze

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