On edge


On edge (slang)

Type: verb, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /on-ehj/

Also spelled or known as: On-edge

What does On edge mean?

To be anxious, uptight or overly aware.

On edge Synonyms: Nervous, Anxious

Example sentence: “I was feeling on edge until we left that wild party.”

On edge in songs:

“Easy, the dawgs is right behind me, they on edge” – Travis Scott, OUT WEST.

“My nerves hurt, and lately I’m on edge” – Eminem, Role Model.

“Put faith in my knife, wrong move had me on edge” – Stormzy, Bad Boys.

“Young Gun’ Wunna stay focused, I can’t let ’em put me on edge” – Gunna, Solid.

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On edge
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On edge
On edge

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