Nuggets (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /nawg-its/

Related: Nugs

What does Nuggets mean?

Chunks of Marijuana.

Nuggets synonyms: Nugs

Example sentence:I’m tryna cop a couple of nuggets…”

Nuggets in songs:

So we knock-a-knockin’ at the drug spots We just wanna get a couple nuggets” – ChillinIt, Underrated.

“Getting business handled, get the cannabis cheap now It’s a bunch of nuggets on him like it’s sand on a beach towel” – Earl Sweatshirt, Between Villains.

“My boy Domo higher than fat bitches sodium And nuggets greener than the fucking can my Arizona’s in” – Tyler, The Creator, NY (Ned Flander).

“And she ’bout to go make it rain (Rain) Thunder-fuckin’-storm (Storm) Kush nuggets to the brain (Brain) Pop-fuckin’-corn” – Danny Brown, Lie4.

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