Nugs (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /nawgs/

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What does Nugs mean?

Chunks of Marijuana.

Nugs synonyms: Nuggets

Example sentence: “There was a lot of nugs in the clear bag.”

Nugs in songs:

“So much THC, these frosty nugs ‘ll make you think it’s snowing” – Black The Ripper, Smokin (Remix).

“Y’all ain’t smoking y’all joking Nugs big as Chuckie Cheese tokens and I’m toking” – Ab-Soul, Showin’ Love.

“Thought the kid dough cause I’m in a oven often The kush in the lungs, a bushel of nugs” – Kid Cudi, Does It.

“All I got is Hennessy for her And some weed for her, couple nugs” – Tory Lanez, Tim Duncan.

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