Nug (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /nuhg/

Plural: Nugs

What does Nug mean?

A chunk of marijuana in the form of a nugget.

Nug Synonyms: Bud, Kush, Gas, Doja, Grass, Reefer, Herb, Mary Jane, Ganja, Broccoli, Pot, OG Kush, Thrax

Example sentence: “I brought a nug for us bae.”

Nug in songs:

“Certified stoner, get a Raw and put a nug in” – Wiz Khalifa, Choosin’.

Twisted up a nug, sippin’ on Jack Daniels, watching True Blood” – Jay Electronica, A Million In The Morning.

“So put a nug in, nigga we could smoke both strands” – Dom Kennedy, Erica Part 2.

“I get a nug up out the pound and put it straight in the bong” – Wiz Khalifa, Decisions.

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