Mr. Baklava

Mr. Baklava (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mis-ter-bahk-lah-vah/

Also spelled: Mr Baklava

What does Mr. Baklava mean?

Action Bronson’s nickname.

Other Action Bronson Nicknames: Bam Bam, Mr. Wonderful

Action Bronson’s real name: Arian Asllani

Example sentence: “Action Bronson also goes by Mr. Baklava.”

Mr. Baklava in songs:

“Coming soon to a theatre near you Mr. Baklava starring in a drama called Crocodile Soup” – Action Bronson, Spirit Cooking.

“I Told the driver Lenny swing me by the garden I gotta talk to Pat Showed him some stacks Then showed him the gat like ‘you’re gonna miss the finger roll right?’ Yes Mr. Baklava Then I cartwheeled into a aqua car” – Action Bronson, 9.24.13.

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Mr. Baklava
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Mr. Baklava

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