Suga (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /shoo-ga/

What does Suga mean?

1. Sugar.

2. Suga Free’s nickname.

Suga Free’s real name: Dejuan Walker

3. Megan Thee Stallion’s nickname and alter ego.

Other Megan Thee Stallion Nicknames: Tina Snow, Young Tina Snow

Megan Thee Stallion’s real name: Megan Jovon Ruth Pete

Example sentence: “Megan Thee Stallion also goes by Suga.”

Suga in songs:

“I know Big Meech and J-Bo, they was there I know OG, India, and Suga there, aw yeah, aw yeah” – Future, Plastic Bag.

I’m ghetto, my Kool-Aid need mo’ sugar Five-star suite, you ain’t know, suga?” – Kendrick Lamar, Say Wassup.

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