Poetic (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /poet-tic/

Related: Poet, Poetry

What does Poetic mean?

Of or in relation to poetry.

Poetic Synonyms: Lyrical

Example sentence: “The music from the movie was so poetic.”

Poetic in songs:

“I mastered my aesthetics, I know you often heard me wax poetic” – Jay-Z, Smile.

“King poetic, too much flavor, I’m major, Atlanta ain’t Brave-r, I pull a number like a pager” – Nas, Halftime.

“I think I’ll never learn my lesson, but fuck it all, it doesn’t matter
Ayo, I’m on a lyrical, poetic rhetoric” – Logic, DadBod.

“Who coulda known he’d grow to be a poet and not know it? and while I’m bein’ poetic, let me get it stoic and raise the bar, higher than my opinion of these women’s been lowered” – Eminem, Almost Famous.

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