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Juugs (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /juug/

Also spelled: Juggs, Joog

Singular: Juug

Related: Juugin’, Juuged, Juggin’, Jugging, Jugged

What does Juugs mean?

Robberies or illegal ways of making money.

Juugs Synonyms: Licks

Example sentence: “The police finally got to the bottom of a couple juugs.”

Juugs in songs:

Dropped out 9th grade, dropped out straight to the Milwaukee Bucks Could’ve been at Harvard servinjuugs, but I don’t give a fuck” – Lil Pump, Iced Out.

“Selling dope outta grandma house (I be) Bust juugs at grandma house (I be) Cut sixteen-hundred out a ounce (I be) Bought a foreign, could barely pronounce (I be)” – Future, Happy.

“I’ve been flipping in the house, making juugs on the highway I’ve been riding out of state, making money like my way” – ​iLoveMakonnen, Club Going Up on a Tuesday.

“I know you’re good in the hood, bust a couple juugs for me, yeah When I’m on the low, will you still cover for me?” – Summer Walker, Potential.

“Everything was always understood with you Girl I even bust a couple juugs with you” – A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Still Think About You.

“I’ma get it, I’ma get it regardless Bussin juugs, I used to trap out the college” – Cordae, Kung Fu.

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