Juiced (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /joouced/

Related: Juiced up

What does Juiced mean?

1. To be more confident than usual.

Juiced Synonyms: Juiced up, Fronting

2. To be drunk or intoxicated.

Juiced Synonyms: Juiced up, Lit, Keyed, Slizzard, Turnt, Smashed, Turnt up

Example sentence: “I’m feeling juiced for the event tonight.”

Juiced in songs:

“And I’ll fucking do it, new legend shit got me juiced” – Wale, Winter Schemes.

“Truth be told, he juiced me, introduced me to the lucy leaf” – Chance the rapper, Chain Smoker.

“I can get him juiced, I can make him screw, and” – Doja Cat, Better Than Me.

“Thinkin’ bout that grammy got me Sammy Sosa juiced up” – king Los, Swag City Bitch.

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