Juiced up


Juiced up (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /juiced-up/

Also spelled or known as: Juiced-up, Juicedup

Related: Juiced

What does Juiced up mean?

1. To be more confident than usual.

Juiced up Synonyms: Juiced, Fronting

2. To be drunk or intoxicated.

Juiced up Synonyms: Juiced, Lit, Keyed, Slizzard, Turnt, Smashed, Turnt up

Example sentence: “I got lil shawty in our section juiced up.”

Juiced up in songs:

Bitches can’t hold me, I’m juiced up with shorty” – Future, Salute.

“I’m juiced up, Ocean Spray, I poured up, Might drink some more today” – Moneybagg Yo, Ocean Spray.

“Yeah, a nigga juiced up, I’m big Glock G, other niggas nothin’ but some poo-putts” – Key Glock, What Goes Around Comes Around.

“Made the news, now you juiced up” – Moneybagg Yo, Federal Fed.

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