Turnt (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /tur-nt/

Also known as: Turnt Up

Related: Turn up, Turnt up, TTU, TT

What does Turnt mean?

1. To be adrenalized.

2. To be intoxicated with drugs or alcohol.

Turnt Synonyms: Turnt up, Lit, Up, Fried, Geeked, High, Bent

Example sentence: “This liquor got me turnt up right now.”

Turnt in songs:

Turnt up in the party, gettin’ lit to Yachty” – D.R.A.M, Broccoli.

“And I’m too turnt, when I shoot, swear I won’t miss, ayy” – Fetty Wap, My Way (Remix).

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