Jerkin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /jerk-in/

Also spelled or known as: Jerking-off, Jerkingoff, Jerkin’ off

Related: Jerk, Jerk off, Jerking off, Jerking

What does Jerkin’ mean?

1. To be stimulating one’s genitals until ejaculation.

Jerkin’ Synonyms: Jerking off, Jacking off, Jacking, Beating off, Masturbating

2. To be doing the west coast dance “the jerk”.

Example sentence: “I can’t lie, i was jerkin’ to one of her photos.”

Jerkin’ in songs:

“It’s double-S, bitch, and we murkin’ this shit (Yuh) We workin’ for certain, she jerkin’ the dick” – Pouya, Get Buck.

“Turn into a mayhem, beat hard, flow hurtin Cali swag bitch, snapback, no jerkin'” – A$AP Nast, A$AP Worldwide Cypher.

“How many ladies in the house without a rich nigga, huh? A little Jergens in my palm for the jerkin'” – Tyler, The Creator, Tamale.

“Before you know it, she workin’, jerkin’ it nonstop And all that next shit I was previously talkin'” – J. Cole, Lights Please.

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