Snapback (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /snap-bak/

Also spelled or known as: Snap back, Snap-back

What does Snapback mean?

A hat with an adjustable strap.

Example sentence: “I bought a snapback to go with this fit.”

Snapback in songs:

Don’t make me snap back, back to the TI$A snapback” – Big Sean, Get My Shit Together.

“Give me head, I call it a snapback” – Kodak Black, Coolin and Booted.

Snapback and a backpack, Jean Vest with a fat patch, WTF Gang hashtag” – Futuristic, The Greatest.

“Royalty to who it may concern this is Los Angeles King Snapback
Sipping ‘tron out the Stanley cup, I don’t give a fuck” – The Game, Name Me King.

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