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The wood

The wood (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /the-wood/

Also spelled or known as: The-wood

What does The wood mean?

1. Inglewood, California

2. A hard/erect penis.

The Wood Synonyms: D, Dick, Dong, Jock, Tip, Pipe, Cock, Chode, Wiener, Jimbrowski, Willy, Wood

Example sentence:I’m leaving the airport, gonna eat lunch in the wood.”

The wood in songs:

“Last night, I was gettin’ my feet rubbed by the baddest bitch Not Trina, but I swear to God, this bitch’ll make you call your girl up And tell her, “Hey, what’s good? Sorry, I’m never comin’ home, I’ma stay for good” Then hang the phone up and proceed to lay the wood” – J. Cole, No Role Modelz.

“Took her to the forest, put the wood in her mouth Bitch, don’t wear no shoes in my house” – Roddy Ricch, The Box.

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The wood
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The wood

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