Jabroni (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /jab-roni/

Plural: Jabronis

What does Jabroni mean?

A lame or cowardly person.

Jabroni Synonyms: Peon, Lame, Scrub, Sherm

Example sentence: “That lil nizzle is just a jabroni.”

Jabroni in songs:

“I been with your mummy ’cause your daddy a jabroni” – Young Thug, Jumped Out The Window.

Bitch, everything Johnny, jabroni, everything gettin’ jolly, lil homie” – A$AP Rocky, Swerve on Em.

Don’t dwell on that Jabroni just cause that baloney sells” – Watsky, 4AM Monday.

“Real pimp, no jabroni, I’m not gon’ sit on it” – Young Thug, MLK.

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